Saturday, May 28, 2011

Scouting Report: Nick Foles - QB - Arizona

Scouting Report: Nick Foles – QB -  Arizona

Size: 6-5, 240

2009: 2,486 yards – 63.6 comp % - 6.08 ypa – 19 TD, 9 INT
2010: 3191 yards – 67.1 comp % - 7.49 ypa – 20 TD, 10 INT

Strengths: Foles has impressive size and athletic ability.  He possesses the arm strength to make all the NFL throws as well as good touch.  Foles has improved throughout his career and his development has fostered more and more wins for a once dormant Arizona program. NFL GM’s might like the fact that he has brought a program out of the basement and into the limelight a la Andrew Luck.  Despite playing in a spread system, Foles does a nice job going across the field with his progressions.  His calm pocket presence allows him to find the open target. Foles has the ability to be an accurate deep and intermediate passer.

Weaknesses:  Foles needs to make improvement to several parts of his game. He often delivers the ball behind his target. He really struggles with his short accuracy.  His footwork consistency is lacking as he has a narrow stance and throws with an open stance.

Impression: I have Foles 3rd amongst my senior QB’s due to the playmaking ability of Ryan Tannehill and the cerebral presence of Kirk Cousins. However many see him as a potential elite prospect who could challenge Andrew Luck as the top QB with an exceptional season. He has the NFL size, and arm however anyone who saw his bowl game last season knows he has a long way to go in reading defenses and not giving the ball to the defense.

NFL Comparison: Ben Roethlisburger

Draft Status: It’s tough to tell, I think when all is said and done he will be a better prospect than Blaine Gabbert. However the 2012 class is much deeper. If he had a stellar bowl performance last season and came out there is no doubt in my mind he could have been a top 5 pick after workouts. But in 2012 I’d say he is a 15-20 pick, Joe Flacco/Josh Freeman range. This is amazing seeing as he is better than Newton, Locker, Gabbert, and Ponder. Makes the Bills look smart that is for sure.

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